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eLearning Forum

The first meeting of the 2014/15 academic year will be on 5th September from 12.30 – 14.00 in the Enterprise Zone (in the Library). There will be a single presentation:

We know lectures don’t work but anyway, here’s a lecture: reflections on opportunities in the 21st Century – Iain Atherton, School of Health Sciences

Iain’s talk discusses an innovate use of Blackboard Collaborate to deliver statistics teaching to post graduates taking the Masters in Research in the School . Come and find out where learning really takes place!

We’ll be starting at 12.30 with lunch. The presentation will start around 13.00.

To register for the event please contact Kirsteen Young  (ext 6876).

Listen Again moves to new academic year

As of 1st August 2014, the place in which Listen Again recordings are saved has changed and moved onto a folder associated with the next academic year. What does this mean in practice for you when you record a lecture? Well, both the manner in which you log into Camtasia Relay and the recording process will be exactly the same, but the output, your recording, will go into a different folder, one called ‘2014’ instead of ‘2013’. This is important as this folder name features in the URL of the destination Listen Again page.

For example, if you made a recording in July for the module ‘NURP25’ using the nurp25 account for Camtasia Relay, then your recording would have ended up on a page with ‘2013’ as its folder name, so the address would be:

After now, however, recordings will go into a ‘2014’ folder, so the address of the output page will be:

This means if you have been making some recordings for, say, an Autumn 2014 module in advance of this change and you wish to continue making some more recordings for the same module after the change, then at the moment as things stand half of them will be on one Listen Again page and half on another. The eLD team has a way of moving recordings easily from one page to another, so if you find yourself in this position please contact your eLD representative and we will help you organise your Listen Again page appropriately. This page lists the eLD team and the Schools they support:

This service from eLD is also available if you made recordings last year and wish to re-use those again this year. Please let your eLD representative know which recordings you wish to copy through from last year to this year and obviously which is the module in question.

Finally, before semester starts please make sure you have the relevant URL in your Succeed module to link to the recordings you wish students to see.