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eLearning Forum – Listen Again

Some presentations from the eLearning Forum on 23rd January 2014 are now available on the following Listen Again page:

This link and all the PDF versions of the presentations from the day are now also available in the ‘Learning and Development – My Learning’ course area in Succeed. You can find them all in the following folder:

> Course Content > IT & Information Skills > eLearning Forum > eLearning Forum Event – 23rd January 2014

eLearning Forum Presentations, Plagiarism Quiz and Turnitin Question

This blog posting follows up from the eLearning Forum on Thursday, 23rd January 2014.


These are now available to view in PDF format:

Plagiarism Quiz

The Plagiarism Quiz which Sarah Grayston has created is now available to view in the ‘My Learning’ course space in Succeed, to which all staff have access. You will find it in the ‘Assessments’ area of this course. If anyone would like a copy of this assessment added to their own module in Succeed then please contact Sarah to arrange this.

Turnitin Question

To clarify after the discussion relating to Turnitin: if the settings of a Turnitin Assignment are such that a student paper is not submitted to the repository, then Turnitin will still compare the submitted paper against student papers, web and electronic journal items in its database and generate an Originality Report. The only difference will be that Turnitin will not compare papers submitted under this assignment with other papers submitted to this same assignment. Therefore, plagiarism taking place within the module (one student copying off another) would not be spotted as the papers would not be in the repository.

Listen Again

Where staff have agreed to share their talks, we are working on making the presentations from the session available on the Listen Again service. We hope to have these ready for early next week and will do a further blog posting when they are available.

eLearning Forum: Join in via Collaborate

Tomorrow’s eLearning Forum session on Electronic Marking will be available for users from Highland and Western Isles campuses to view through the Blackboard Collaborate conferencing tool. Here is the link that will take you into the session:

The session starts at 1pm, but we will try to be live in the Collaborate room about 20-30 minutes or so before that. We have tested the sound today and it may be lower than would be ideal, so you will have to boost up your incoming sound as high as possible in Collaborate, but it is usable. Users will be able to post questions to the presenter using the Chat function in Collaborate only. Steve Boulton will pass these questions on to the presenter(s) at the end of their presentations. See you there.

Java Update Issue for Collaborate

The Java update issue (version 7, update 51) which affects use of the Chat Tool and uploads of multiple files to Succeed, can also affect Blackboard Collaborate sessions if those sessions are scheduled using version 11 or version 12 of Blackboard Collaborate. To avoid such problems, please ensure when scheduling a Collaborate session that the most up to date version of Collaborate, version 12.5, is selected in the Default Fields area of the form used to create sessions in the web-based Session Administration System (SAS), as shown below:



Java Update Issue for Succeed

Blackboard support have just notified an issue to do with the latest Java update, which is version 7, update 51. If you update the version of Java on your computer to this version then you will find that the following things will no longer work for you in Succeed:

  • Uploading Multiple Files into the Files area
  • Chat Tool
  • Virtual Classroom Tool

The Virtual Classroom Tool is an online collaboration tool within Succeed. It is different from Blackboard Collaborate and is not used at the University of Stirling.

To avoid running into these issues we recommend not updating to the latest version of Java just yet. Blackboard are working on fixes for these problems which they hope to have in place by 21st January 2014. Even then, the update released by Blackboard may not instantly be applied on our systems, we will have to see what if any impact this may have on other items in Blackboard.

If you have already updated your Java version on your home PC to version 7, update 51 then you can work around the first issue by uploading files into the Files area individually (which will still work).

The version of Java currently available to staff through the ‘Run Advertised Programs’ area of the network is version 7, update 40. This will continue to work well with Succeed and is the version staff should be using on their work-based machines.

eLearning Forum: Electronic Marking

The eLearning Forum is back! The first meeting of 2014 will be from 13.00-14.30 on Thursday, 23rd January in the Enterprise Zone (in the Library). The theme of the first meeting is Electronic Marking and will have presentations from users of all three available solutions:

Word (Succeed) – Kevin Brosnan, School of Education
Succeed (Assignments) – Sarah Grayston, e-Learning Liaison and Development Team, Information Services
GradeMark (Turnitin) – Ruth Watkins, Student Learning Services, and Tim Whalley, School of Natural Sciences

There will also be a short presentation by Christine Taylor, School of Management, on the new plagiarism quiz developed by eLD and available for all staff to use within Succeed.

We’ll be starting at 12.30 with lunch. The presentations will start around 13.00. We’ll be aiming to finish by 14.00.

To register for the event please contact Kirsteen Young  (ext 6876).

Change to URL for Collaborate Session Admin System (SAS)

Blackboard have changed the URL staff need to visit to log into the web-based back end to Collaborate, the Session Administration System (SAS). This is the site where staff can use one of the 10 dedicated accounts to log in and then schedule Blackboard Collaborate sessions for students (or other staff). The new URL is:

Use your existing Blackboard Collaborate SAS School login details to access this site. If you are unsure as to what these are, contact your eLD representative:

Turnitin – insightful perspectives on education

Each webcast is a half-hour and offers a fresh take on hot topics from experts in and around education.

January 16
The Future of Wikipedia in Education
Jake Orlowitz, Editor at Wikipedia

This webcast will explore how Wikipedia can be responsibly integrated into university courses for thinking about research, digital literacy, and critical thinking about the reliability of information.

January 30
How Instructors Respond to Plagiarism: Survey Findings
Jason Chu, Education Director at Turnitin

How do instructors respond when they encounter plagiarism and how do these responses change if plagiarism continues?

February 5
Responding to Student Plagiarism as an Educational Opportunity
Gerald Nelms, Academic Director for Developmental Writing at Wright State University

Investigating cases of student plagiarism must involve more than simply textual evidence of shared discourse and use or misuse of citation conventions.

February 13
Literacy is Fundamental: Leveraging Critical Reading to Improve Student Writing
Lynn Lampert, California State University Northridge

How has the immediacy, ready access to, and wealth of information online impacted student literacy?

February 27
Ghostbusting: Getting the Ghostwriter Out of Your Class
Dave Tomar, Author of “The Shadow Scholar: How I Made a Living Helping College Kids Cheat.”

How can instructors effectively identify bought papers and guide students away from using these services?