Monthly Archives: August 2016


Turnitin are re-branding their product suite (Turnitin, GradeMark and PeerMark) as Feedback Studio. Feedback Studio is more than a re-branding as it also includes a modern, responsive design integrating Turnitin and GradeMark into a single interface — PeerMark is unchanged.

Here is the Turnitin marketing video for the product:

Note that until July 2017 when using Turnitin the current Turnitin/GradeMark interface remains the default with an option to use Feedback Studio:


Note the ‘Try the new Feedback Studio’ link which when clicked opens up the new integrated interface (Feedback Studio):


When students view the originality report and feedback they are taken directly to Feedback Studio with an option to view Turnitin Classic.

A working demonstration of Feedback Studio can be accessed here:

Feedback Studio will be available from Monday 29th August.