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Setting the Start and End Dates of a Succeed Module

The following information will be useful to you regarding the Start Date of your Spring semester module in Succeed. Modules created in Succeed have default dates in them for when they open (become available to students to see) and close (stop being available to students to see). These Start and End Dates usually coincide with the start and end of semester, but if your module is running at all outwith these dates you may edit the dates accordingly. Anyone with instructor level access to the module may do this. Here’s a guide on what to do:

eLearning Forum

The next meeting of the eLearning Forum will be on 23rd January in the Enterprise Zone from 12.30 – 14.00. Lunch will be provided. The topic for the forum is electronic marking and will discuss the three ways this can be done at Stirling:

(i) A method that allows the downloading of the submissions in Succeed, marking usning Word (comment/track-changes) and finally a mechanism to return the marked work to the students.

(ii) Turnitin’s GradeMark tool (available when using Turnitin)

(iii) Succeed’s Crocodoc tool (part of the Succeed Assignment Tool)

Note that method (i) allows for offline marking whereas (ii) and (iii) require an internet connection.

As lunch is being provided we need to know who is planning on coming along. Please let Kirsteen Young (via email) if you wish to attend:

Encouraging your students to fill in the MEQ

As the end of the Autumn semester approaches, chances are you’ll be wanting to make sure that your students complete their end-of-module feedback questionnaire, the Module Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ). You have several tools at your disposal to try and ensure you get the maximum number of returns:

  • Remind the students to complete the MEQ via a course Announcement – see Creating an Announcement.
  • Remind just those students who haven’t completed it by email – find out who they are by going to the Grade Centre, locating the column associated with the MEQ and then looking for the double dash. This indicates no submission for that student. The green tick shows they have completed the MEQ, the blue clock shows they are in progress now (as shown below).


  • Base the release of certain items in the module on the condition that the students have completed the MEQ (using Adaptive Release). This could include example past papers in the run up to the exam, or you could make the link to your Listen Again page dependent upon students having completed the MEQ. This video guide from Blackboard On Demand will show you how to set up Adaptive Release criteria:

Finally, the guide on how you as a tutor access the MEQ data, download it from Succeed and run it through the specially developed Excel Add-In to produce a report in Word is available on the Succeed Help Pages:

Guide to Setting up Turnitin Assignments in Succeed

With the Spring Semester now not too far away and new module spaces for Succeed modules will be being created in the next few weeks, thoughts turn towards assignment submission. If your students need to use Turnitin to submit their assignments or to check their assignments prior to making a submission then you’ll need to set up a Turnitin Assignment area in Succeed. This guide will help you do this: