Category Archives: Video and Succeed have released a building block for Succeed (Blackboard Learn 9.1). A building block provides for a tight integration between Succeed and a third-party product. The building block adds to the Succeed Mashups (like YouTube). The upshot is that it is very easy to search the huge amount of content available via and then add it to Succeed for your students to use.

A guide to using via Succeed has been prepared and is available here:

Listen Again Upgrade

The number of CPU cores available to process Listen Again recording is controlled by the licence purchased from TechSmith and we currently hold a 1-core licence. For next semester this should be upgraded to a 3-core licence — this does not change the time the server takes to deal with each individual recording but it does mean it can process 3 in parallel, effectively tripling performance.

The upgrade will mean that recordings are processed within 24 hrs unlike this semester when some recordings were taking almost 48hrs to get processed (unless there is huge increased in the number of recordings but evidence from previous years indicates only a modest uplift from autumn to spring semesters)

This change has no effect on how the software is used from teaching spaces/desktops.

eLearning Forum

The second meeting of 2014 will be from 12.30 – 14.00 on Wednesday, 11th June in the Enterprise Zone (in the Library). There are two presentations:

We know lectures don’t work but anyway, here’s a lecture: reflections on opportunities in the 21st Century – Iain Atherton, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health

Video – Annotations/Crowd Sourcing – Kevin Brosnan & Edward Moran, School of Education, & Derek Robertson, e-Learning Liaison and Development Team

Iain’s talk discusses an innovate use of Blackboard Collaborate to deliver statistics teaching to post graduates taking the Masters in Research in the School. Come and find out where learning really takes place! The second session covers  a system that tracks how students interact with ‘Listen Again’ recordings and a prototype system that allows students and lecturers to make textual annotations on video recordings of teaching practice.

We’ll be starting at 12.30 with lunch. The presentations will start around 13.00. We’re aiming to finish by 14.00.

To register for the event please contact Kirsteen Young  (ext 6876).