Succeed Upgrade

The latest release of Succeed has been successfully installed and a number of new features are now evident. The most obvious is the Resources tab containing information from the Library and Careers (with more to come). The Library section contains information that used to be housed in individual modules but the new tab method means that updating the information is considerably easier as only one tab needs updating whereas previously each module needed editing which meant we could only really make changes between semesters when the new modules for that semester were built.

There is also a new panel on the ‘My Succeed’ page ‘My Organisations’ which is very similar to ‘My Modules’. This new feature of Succeed will be used for non-module spaces, e.g. the information spaces that many schools and divisions make available to their students. Thus ‘My Modules’ will eventually contain just academic modules and all other content will be available via ‘My Organisations’ (or possibly the new tabs). Note that we have also changed the wording to have ‘My Modules’ instead of ‘My Courses’

For staff, the new student view is the most significant additional feature. This is a proper student view that allows taking of quizzes etc. not just the ability to see what a content area looks like to students (which switching off edit mode does). See this post for further details.