Self and peer assessment in Succeed

We have access to two tools that allow student assignment submissions to be distributed among the student group for formative, anonymous peer assessment – the bulit-in tool in Succeed and Turnitin’s PeerMark tool.

We have, however, recently become aware of a bug in the Self and Peer Assessment tool within Succeed that we think makes it unusable and are recommending that only PeerMark is used at the moment.

Logically, these tools should only allocate evaluations to students who have submitted the assignment and only ask for evaluations of the work of students who have submitted. The Succeed tool is assigning students for peer evaluation regardless of whether they have submitted  – this means that some students are being given nothing to review while others are not having their evaluations done. PeerMark only allocates evaluations to those who have submitted and so works as expected.

If you need any assitance in setting up a PeerMark assignment please get in touch with your eLD contact.