A demonstration of  MyProgress has been arranged for Tuesday 17th March at 13.00 in the Enterprise Zone.

What is Myprogress?
Myprogress is a mobile assessment product for recording skills and managing structured examinations. It enables authoring and delivery of rich observational competency assessments on iOS and Android devices, online and offline. Its offline app means that students and assessors can capture evidence, even in challenging environments with no connectivity.

Myprogress gives you all of the tools you need to manage skills assessment effectively

  • Enables students to respond to assessments at any time through a customisable free App, even offline
  • Enables tutors and mentors to manage assessments and engage with students through personal feedback at the moment of need without having to leave the campus and visit widely dispersed students on placement
  • External assessors can complete observations in real time using the student’s device or their own (we include a reviewer role for remedial escalation)
  • A progress file enables students to collect a record of achievement
  • Assessments can be mapped to professional competency frameworks, including learning outcomes
  • Advanced reporting tools for reviewing individual and group activity and scoring

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So if your division has students on placements come along as this software could be very useful.