Chrome Red Lines and Yellow Triangles

You may have noticed that Chrome is showing either a strike-through (red) or a yellow warning triangle against the https part of the web address:








both indicate that the certificate being used to make the connection to Succeed secure is using a form of encryption that Google (and Microsoft) wish to stop using. See Google’s statement here:

At the moment these warnings can be ignored against Succeed as they telling us to upgrade our certificates in the near future and this is already in hand. Clicking on the lock icon will provide the precise details of why the particular icon is showing. In Succeed you should only see up to three issues:

  • That website does not have a public record
  • The site contains insecure links (these start ‘http’ not ‘https’)
  • Connection encrypted using RC4_128 with SHA1

The first and last will always appear (both should be resolved with the new certificates).