ActiveMQ is a background process in Succeed that keeps the peace between the three servers that form the Succeed application cluster — there is a load-balancer in front of the application servers and database behind them. The role of ActiveMQ is to manage the communications between the three application servers (these are the machines you actually connect to when using the Succeed). ActiveMQ can be a tricky process to manage and most Succeed (Blackboard) admins have some experience of it not working correctly!

When ActiveMQ is not working correctly various bits of the admin console stop working but most importantly the process that uploads students into modules can stop working — that is where we are at the present time. Other user features such as Item Analysis of quizzes also stop working.

Students are uploaded into their modules starting at 7.05am and so ActiveMQ needs to be fixed well before 7.05am (as other processes that also use ActiveMQ run prior to that).