Succeed Scrolling Issues on iPad

There is a known problem scrolling some Succeed content on the iPad when content is being delivered in HTML format. The video below demonstrates the issue.

It shows that scrolling down on a page showing many icons is fine (as shown in the section 00:00 to 00:04 seconds in the video), but then if you go into a Learning Module in Succeed (built up of HTML pages) and try to scroll down on the main part of the page (as shown from 00:10 to 00:12 in the video) then this will not scroll properly. What users have to do is scroll by specifically placing their finger on the bar that separates the main part of the page from the Course Menu on the left and scroll up and down using that (as shown from 00:13 in the video onwards).

Also, it is recommended to set items to open in a new browser tab in Succeed (rather than in the main frame of the page) so they display more readily on tablet devices.