MEQ Panel

Staff will have spotted the new ‘Module Evaluation Questionnaire’ (MEQ) panel in Succeed:

MEQ Panel for Staff

The main purpose of adding this to Succeed is to try and increase the response from the students for MEQs. For students, the panel lists for each individual their open, unanswered MEQs:

MEQ Panel for Students

One link for each unanswered MEQ. Clicking on the link takes the student directly to the MEQ for the module from where it is easily submitted.

This panel also illustrates a feature that we will get with the community system we have purchased to enhance Succeed (when the system is upgraded with the new features). The feature is the ability to show a panel to only those individuals that need to see it. With the community system this panel would not appear for staff at all. Presently it has to be specially programmed to do nothing, bar display a message, when present for staff — far more sensible not to display at all. The community system should be available next semester.