Help Blackboard improve Succeed

Blackboard, the company that makes Succeed, is openly looking for suggestions to help it improve the product. It is encouraging users of Blackboard Learn (which is the product we call ‘Succeed’ here at the University of Stirling) to submit requests and suggestions for improvements via its ‘Product Enhancement Request’ page. At a recent meeting of the Scottish Blackboard Users’ Group (Scot-BUG) in Aberdeen, the regional Client Manager and Account Director were stressing the importance of suggestions from the user community and reiterating the influence such suggestions have had in the past in guiding the development of the product, so please don’t be shy in coming forward.

Product Enhancement Requests may be made by completing this online form:

The sorts of requests which are being sought after here are specific suggestions, rather than vague notions. So a targeted suggestion such as, ‘allow the Grade Centre view to be boosted up to full screen to allow more working space whilst using the Grade Centre’ is probably going to have more currency than an amorphous proposition such as, ‘make the Grade Centre easier to use’.

When completing the form, please give as much detail as possible to the developers at Blackboard. You could, for example, take screen shots of the existing situation in the product to accompany your suggestion of how it could be improved, and save these screen shots into a Word document which you could then upload to accompany your request. The clearer you can be about the nature of your suggestion, the easier it will be for the developers to understand it and see it if it possible to implement.

When completing the form, if you are unsure what to select at the ‘What capability does this suggestion relate to?’ pull down menu, select ‘Course Delivery/Management’. At the ‘What product does this suggestion relate to?’ pull down menu you need to select ‘Blackboard Learn’ and our version number is ‘9.1’.

Important: This is a suggestions forum, not a fault-reporting mechanism! If you find things not working in Succeed, please contact your eLD representative or the Information Centre. This form is for suggestions to Blackboard of improvements or efficiencies in the Blackboard Learn (Succeed) product.