Turnitin Now Accepts More File Types

The plagiarism detection/awareness-raising service Turnitin will now accept more file types as student submissions. As well as the previously-available, text-based submission types (Word documents, PDF files, text files), Turnitin will now accept PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, images, HTML code, even audio and video.

Whist Turnitin will not be able to run a text-for-text plagiarism check on, say, a submitted audio file, it will store that file associated with that student, and allow staff to make use of the GradeMark or PeerMark features in Turnitin to assess the submission.

More details on the new file types that can be accepted, plus some examples of how Turnitin and GradeMark can be used to assess submissions are available on this ‘Grade Anything’ page on the Turnitin web site:


If you want to find out more, there’s a live Turnitin web cast you can join at 6pm (GMT) on Thursday, 10th April 2014. You need to sign up to attend, and the sign up form is here: