Succeed Performance III

Further performance problems have been evident with one of the two Succeed servers on Wednesday morning, 8th October, Sunday afternoon, 12th October, and Monday morning, 13th October. The issue on the 8th & 13th is highly technical in nature but the upshot is that the server suffering from the problem (always the same one — learnapp2) is very slow. The other server is running fine and delivering perfectly acceptable performance. Whether you suffer the problem is entirely random but if your sessions are connecting to the slow server, performance is poor.

On Sunday, Learnapp2 for reasons that we don’t understand suddenly jumped from 20% processor utilisation to 80% in a 3 minute period between 16.05-16.08. After 16.08, performance would have been poor. The server was restarted on Monday morning to fix the utilisation problem and immediately the second issue occurred (the same one as the previous Wednesday). This server was restarted again at 14.00 which cleared the problem. The delay was made in the hope that we could find a solution to the problem before doing the restart. Unfortunately, no solution has yet been found but after 14.30 on the Monday 13th both servers are running properly and providing a good service.

The problem on Learnapp2 has been under investigation with Blackboard since the 8th.