Updated Succeed Documentation

Quite a few Succeed-related guides for staff and students have been updated in the past week or so, with the following guides now available containing updated step-by-step instructions and screen shots:

Listen Again and Camtasia Relay
Using the Camtasia Relay Portable Recorder
Creating Listen Again Recordings from Camtasia Studio 8
Lecture Recording (Listen Again) Consent Form
Quick Guide to Lecture Capture using Camtasia Relay
Subscribing to Lecture Podcasts via Listen Again
Recording Using TechSmith Fuse (the mobile version of Relay)

Blackboard Collaborate
Blackboard Collaborate Guide to Scheduling and Joining Sessions
Blackboard Collaborate Moderators’ User Guide
Blackboard Collaborate – Student User Guide

Turnitin and Assignment Submission
Submitting Your Assignment via Succeed

Using Contribute With Succeed
Using Macromedia Contribute 3

All these updated guides may be found on either the Staff Succeed Help page at http://www.stir.ac.uk/is/staff/it/software/succeed/ or the Student Succeed Help page at http://www.stir.ac.uk/is/student/it/software/succeed/ and they are marked ‘(updated November 2014)’.

This is part of an on-going attempt to keep the supporting documentation for Succeed as up to date as possible.